Sonya Bakoeva was born in Popovo, North-East Bulgaria and is a young and talented Bulgarian folk singer. She got the Bulgarian singing tradition since childhood from her grandparents who sang songs from all over Bulgaria.
Sonya is also active as a singer in vocal groups such as Vaya Quartet, whom she founded and the Finnish Bulgarian octette Finno-Balkan Voices. She is even an experienced vocal pedagogue and choir leader who has done numerous masterclasses in Bulgarian folk and choir singing in Bulgaria and around Europe and has many students with whom she shares the magic of the Bulgarian folk song.
Sonya is a graduate from Plovdiv Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts with degrees in "Performing Art of Folk Singing" and "Conducting of Folk Choirs and Orchestras" and has also studied Finnish folk songs, dances and instruments at Sibelius Music Academy in Helsinki, Finland.
Todor Bakoev was born in Sliven, Central-East Bulgaria and plays the traditional string instrument gadulka. His musical journey starts at a very early age as he inherited the art of gadulka playing from his grandfather who was a respected Bulgarian folk musician. Todor has a long experience as a performing musician as he played countless concerts around Bulgaria with Plovdiv Instrumental Quintet and accompanied the famous choir "The Mystery of The Bulgarian Voices" around the world.
Todor graduated from Plovdiv Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, where he took a master degree in "Gadulka Performing Art". In 2006 he recieved a special award of honor for his achievements in the field of Bulgarian folk music from the president of Bulgaria.
Todor is also an experienced teacher as he has given several workshops and masterclasses in gadulka playing and Bulgarian instrumental music around Europe and has several students from different countries.
Mihail Dinchev was born in Vidin, North Bulgaria and is a music and dance artist and pedagogue. He plays the traditional instrument tamboura and is the dancer in the group. He is also active as a producer and is a member of Lele Lele, Fanfare Tamburia and the dance and performance groups Om Gång and Notre Dame.
Together with performing Mihail teaches Bulgarian folk dances through his own unique pedagogical method and has done numerous music and dance-workshops around Swedish schools and companies with people of all ages.
Mihail graduated Music Pedagogy and Dalcroze Eurytmics in 2009 from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and specialized in Bulgarian folk music and dance in Plovdiv Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Bulgaria in 2005-2006. 
3 Leva (Trio Leva) is a new Bulgarian folk music band in Scandinavia based in Stockholm, Sweden. They provide Bulgarian Folk Soul & Roma Grooves to both Balkan dance parties and small initimate concerts.

The groups unique acoustic sound is created by the Bulgarian traditional instruments gаdulkа, tamboura and tapan and the incredible voice of Sonya Georgieva. 3 Levas music suits festivals, weddings, parties, Balkan dance clubs & fiestas, listening audiences, church concerts, café concerts etc.
When playing intimate concerts the group presents Bulgarias traditional music through a dynamic performance where old folk songs, dance numbers and instrumentals are connected together with short poetic stories about the lyrics sung, traditional beliefs, the origin and use of intruments etc. The group always looks for different ways to engage their audience in participating together with them so be prepared for surprises!
3 Leva also gives worskhops and private lessons in Bulgarian folk & choir singing, instrumental music and Bulgarian folk dancing.
photo Kasper Lindgren
photo Kasper Lindgren
photo Roland Storm
contact: tel. +46 73 776 43 63 (Mihail)
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